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Arnold J. Toynbee -- Time Traveler

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Advertising has long been a component of commercial publications (once, in England, the front page of newpapers consisted of classified advertising).

Why not, then, attempt to turn RealityTest into a commercial enterprise by adding advertising? There is the usual way to do this, nowadays, but we choose to eschew that, instead adopting a unique and simple approach.

We will, instead, offer clickable 100x100 pixel image possibilities, having yet to determine the cost to advertisers (likely to vary with circumstances and demand but initially based on a set monthly fee). See our Advertising Page for this new addition, just begun. RealityTest intends to fill the page with no more than forty-five advertisements, all that can be easily viewed.

If you're interested in participating in this experiment, you may contact RealityTest by:

o Writing to RealityTest at: P.O. Box 5326, Magnolia, MA 01930 USA;

o Telephone: USA (978) 525-3530 (in the Eastern Time Zone!).

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